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Ball on Tennis Court

October 27th 2021

Dear tennis pupils, parents and coaches.

Just a quick update on a number of topics as follows...


Tuesday November 2: regular afternoon lessons will not be held on a public holiday however Ty, Francis and myself are available for private lessons during the morning (bookings essential).

Sunday December 19: official last day of the coaching year.


As we edge closer to a return date for competition tennis it’s a great time to give your racquet some extra love... with every restring done in November you will receive a FREE overgrip and dampener.

Restrings are $35-$40 depending on the string and can usually be done within 48 hours.

Overgrips are $5 and dampeners are $3


By lesson four all pupils should be using their own racquet. Prices range from $40-$360.

If you need a new racquet then please discuss with your coach and then contact me (sms or email preferred) with the appropriate size (19”, 21”, 23”, 25”, 26” or full size).

I will then confirm the price and arrange by the next lesson. I have just received new stock today so all sizes are currently available.


As the weather continues to improve it is imperative that all pupils wear a hat, apply sunscreen and bring a drink bottle to all lessons during terms 4 and 1.

Note our heat policy on the OTC website: www.oztenniscoach.webs.com


On days of extreme heat (a current temperature of 37.0deg or above at the venue) lessons prior to 5.45pm will be cancelled. Lessons from 5.45pm onwards when the sun is not as strong may still go ahead. A general email will be sent as well as an sms if lessons are to be cancelled due to hot weather. If the temperature is between 30.0-36.9deg then lessons may be modified to ensure the children are not put at any risk (ie no running and regular drink breaks).


As mentioned above coaches Ty, Fancis and myself will be available for private lessons. Booking are available (reply email preferred).

Half hour lesson is $40

45min lesson is $60

60min lesson is $75

Finally I would like to thank all visitors to our club for the great Covidsafe practices that have been employed by all over the past few weeks ensuring a safe return to tennis for all.

As always, if you have any further questions or feedback then please let me know via phone or email at any time.

Paul Osborne

Ossie's Tennis Coaching: Director of Tennis
Master Club Pro (level 3) tennis coach
Mobile: 0413 594 633
Facebook: Ossie's Tennis Coaching at Beaconsfield
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October 15th 2021

Dear tennis pupils and parents,

It has been great this past week as we welcome back all pupils in group lessons.

We now have groups lessons, private lessons and semi-private lessons back in full swing.

Thanks to those pupils in yellow ball groups who have adapted to the change of format as we abide by the Tennis Victoria restrictions on pupils aged 12+ years.

Cardio Tennis, Squad training and competition/tournaments remain on hold but we are hoping that might change next month.

Every few weeks I give a detailed update with a variety of information so please keep an eye out for that email.

Please note the following important information...


A big welcome to the new pupils who will be taking to the coaching court this term.


Our programs are set to go. In all cases lesson days/times have now been confirmed via email and/or sms.

If you have not received notification then please let me know and I shall confirm.

All pupils are encouraged to bring a drink and hat to all lessons. Please ensure your child’s name is on their drink bottle.

Lessons start and finish right on time so it’s beneficial for your child to be a few minutes early to each week so they are not rushing.

Please ensure you also use the QR code registration each time you visit the club.


There are still a few vacancies in some programs so please let me know if you are interested in a second weekly lesson.


There is a great deal of information and tennis promotion on our Facebook and Instagram accounts... sometimes photos and videos are posted so if you would prefer not to have your son/daughter on social media please let me know.


If you are looking to purchase a new racquet soon then we have a number of demo racquets available to try before you buy.

All pupils should have their own racquet by week 3 of the term. Junior racquets are in stock and only cost $40.

Restrings can also be done overnight with prices starting at $35.


Parents are reminded that they should remain behind the fences during lessons to ensure a safe and distraction free learning environment for the kids.

The parent’s role is to encourage all players by applauding good effort and great shots. Please refrain from “instructing” your child during their lesson... let the coaches do what we are trained to do.

Parents are requested to remain at the venue during lessons (in the car is fine). This is vitally important for those children under 10 years of age who need to meet their parent at the gate at the conclusion of the lesson.


The link for the FREE Hotshots tennis shirts is: https://hotshots.tennis.com.au/register/

If you follow this link and register your participation in the sport then Tennis Australia will send you a free shirt via Ossie’s Tennis Coaching.

Delivery of shirts is usually around 4 weeks from order date.

Pupils are entitled to 1 free shirt every 12 months.

I have a number of shirts to distribute next week for those that ordered in July-August.


Please be sure to check out our policies page on the OTC website regarding inclement weather and cancelled lessons: http://oztenniscoach.webs.com/otcpolicies.htm

Lessons will take place as scheduled unless you receive an sms on the day.

Every effort is made to get on the courts and complete the required lessons each term.

As always if you have any questions regarding our programs please ask via phone or email at any time.

Paul Osborne

Ossie's Tennis Coaching: Director of Tennis
Master Club Pro (level 3) tennis coach
Mobile: 0413 594 633
Facebook: Ossie's Tennis Coaching at Beaconsfield
Proudly supported by HEAD Tennis

September 29th 2021

Dear tennis pupils and parents,

I am thrilled to announce that we can finally return to the tennis courts and as such please note the following...

Between Sept 29 (today) and Oct 7th (next Thursday) only private and semi-private lessons will be running. This program will simply pick up where we stopped when lockdown kicked in on August the 6th.

The 9 lessons that have been paid for will be completed and then we will run a shortened term 4 program in Nov-Dec with a pro-rata fee.

I will send an individual sms reminder to those involved in this program confirming day and time.

From Oct 8th onwards our group programs will return and continue on until each group has completed the 8 lessons from the term 3 program (effectively terms 3 and 4 will be considered as one term of tennis coaching).

Next week I will send a reminder sms to all those in this program.

To finish the year I plan to run a “December Discounts” program that have been very popular in previous years... info on this program will be available in late November.

Unfortunately our Cardio Tennis program is on hold indefinitely but we hope to see you back on the courts when permitted.

Please read the info below from Tennis Victoria and continue to check your email for the next update.

Paul Osborne

Ossie's Tennis Coaching: Director of Tennis
Master Club Pro (level 3) tennis coach
Mobile: 0413 594 633
Facebook: Ossie's Tennis Coaching at Beaconsfield
Proudly supported by HEAD Tennis

September 12th 2021

Dear Beaconsfield tennis pupils and parents,

This month’s update is pretty similar to last month’s as we are still on hold regarding a return to the courts.

Hopefully with vaccination rates improving we will be permitted to return by the end of the month.

As soon as this lockdown is lifted our term 3 programs will resume. When this happens, email and sms notification will occur and we will hit the courts will new-found energy & enthusiasm.

Coaching will continue until all lessons in the term 3 programs are completed – completion of term 3 programs is likely to be in November now.

A much shorter term 4 program will then be offered at discounted rates.

As always the lessons you have paid for will be completed as soon as permitted.

In the meantime the club has been busy with upgrades to the lights and putting teams together for Summer competition (junior and seniors). There are still a couple of vacancies in teams so let me know if you are interested.

Hopefully the resurfacing of courts 1&2 and the professional maintenance to courts 3, 4 & 9 are not far away.

It’s all about constant improvement to the facilities!

As always, if you have any questions about the current state of affairs then please give me a call or send me an email at any time.

Paul Osborne

August 17th 2021

Dear Beaconsfield tennis pupils and parents.

Obviously yesterday’s state government announcement was not what we were hoping for and as such our Beaconsfield tennis programs are on hold for a further 2 weeks...

The restrictions have changed. The lockdown has been extended. But the plan remains the same – all term 3 lessons will be completed.

Term 3 programs will resume as soon as possible (Friday Sept 3 at this stage). All programs will run throughout the school holidays and on Melbourne cup day until the required lessons have been completed.

Term 4 programs will then automatically start and a shortened program will run through to December 19th. Term 4 coaching fees will be adjusted accordingly.

This exact plan worked perfectly in 2020 so due to this extended lockdown we are forced to implement it again.

Unfortunately junior tournaments planned for September have been cancelled to ensure all term 3 coaching programs can be completed.

It’s hoped that tournaments planned for December & January can go ahead as planned.

Sunday Squad training dates will also be revised once lockdown is lifted.

As always, if you have any concerns please phone or email me at any time.

Paul Osborne